the doomed fallen

freedom is a lonely road

In This Shirt

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In this shirt

The irrepssibles

I am lost in a rainbow

now our rainbow is gone

overcast by your shadow

as our worlds move on

in this shirt I can be you

to be near you for a while

in this shirt I can be you

to be near you for a while

there's a crane knocking down

all these things that we were

I awake in the night to

hear the engines pout

there is a pain it doesn't ripple

through my frame makes me lame

there's a thorn in my side

it's the shape, it's the prize

of you and me ever changing

moving on now, moving fast

and this touch must be wanting

must become free to act

but I mean jape to tell you

that I love you and never rash

and I bled everyday now

for a year for a year

and I did send you a note

on the wind for to read

our names there together

must have fallen like the sea

to the depth of the soil

buried deep in the ground

on the wind I can hear you

call my name held the sound

I am lost

I am lost in a rainbow

no a rainbow is gone

I am lost in a rainbow

no a rainbow is gone

I am lost, I am lost

I am lost, I am lost

I am lost

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  • بابای نرگس
    I wish you hapiness and win,  that is a dream, Do  you paint a dream for us? n 
    I know no painting =))) but I can show you a world that is more beautiful than this one and as real as this.
    you can dream, don't forget all of us living in a dream. that would be fun to forget about all the pain you cary. to live like there is nothing more important than you. and you is the only real reality of your life, nothing more.
    بابای نرگس
    Wow,  thank you ms...,  you show me a new attitude sbout life. 
    Now I love myself more than past and I'm going to live happy,  and I want to take every thing easy
    that would be nice :)))
    . یاسون .
    یکی از بهترین حالات روحیم تو نوجوانی رو با این آهنگه تجربه کرده‌ام. دو سال از آخرین باری که شنیده بودمش گذشته بود. پوف! چقد خاطره زنده شد :))
    جدی تغییر کردن با ما آدما چه میکنه.
    اون تیکۀ but i mean jape to tell you رو من but i need jape(jake?) to tell you می‌شنوم!
    منم خاطرات خوب زیادی باهاش‌دارم. واقعا واسم دوست‌داشتنیه:)
    همه‌مون روزهایی رو گذروندیم که باعث شدن از خیلی از چیزا فاصله بگیریم. همه‌مون احتمالا خیلی عوض شدیم :)
    راستش منم تو این تیکه و یکی دو جای دیگه مشکل داشتم و ناچار لیریک رو از گوگل سرچ کردم :)))
    ارسال نظر آزاد است، اما اگر قبلا در بیان ثبت نام کرده اید می توانید ابتدا وارد شوید.
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    تجدید کد امنیتی
    In the end, we'll all become stories

    "Margaret Atwood"